Downtown Art, Etc.

There’s always something positive going on in Frederick.  We have so much to brag about.  Lately I think we’ve all prided ourselves in the awesome success of our local artist, Jenny Perry.  Jenny was featured at the State Capitol and has done a fabulous job of representing our community.

On May 5th, which was Jenny Perry Day in Frederick, I joined in the excitement and posted on Facebook that I was grateful for downtown artists like Jenny.  I mentioned that there were buildings full of opportunity for other aspiring artists who would like to have their own studio.

Much to my surprise, I had out of town friends commenting and messaging me within a matter of minutes.  Specifically two artist friends of mine were very interested in looking at our downtown area as a place for an art studio or art gallery.  I was so excited to see other people catching the vision.

Frederick has a funky downtown area.  We are fun and supportive and kooky.  Frederick has its own personality full of stories and history and random facts.  I am so proud of this.  I want everyone to see the potential that I see when I look out my office window.  Artists, musicians, restaurant owners?  Yes.  Let’s welcome them with open arms.

In fact, there may be some of you who have your own crazy idea or vision of what you could do in Frederick.  Maybe it’s a business idea or just a small improvement project.  Do it!  We waste too much time worrying about the details when sometimes we need to just jump in and do something.  Anything that betters our town is a good thing.  We need more brave souls to take ownership and pride in the town that they call home.

As a wise blogger told me last week, stop dreaming and start doing!

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