Frederick has a Place in the World

Last week a group of friends (all from Frederick) and I went on vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama.  The drive took us about fourteen hours and we stayed on the beach for three days before stopping through New Orleans for a final day and night of adventure.

Throughout our travels we were awestricken by beaches, ocean water and the best seafood.  We thoroughly enjoyed tasting, seeing and doing things that were different from what we usually taste, see and do.  Every morning we woke up and sat on our balcony to stare at two sites: to the west was a beautiful beach front and to the east we saw a barge with lots of fishing boats and fishermen.

In New Orleans our time was short so after checking in to our very unique hotel, we explored the French Quarter and all the sites it had to offer.  Again the scenery was different from that which we grew up with.  Cajun food filled the air, bright colors covered the buildings and people of all walks of life gathered in the streets offering all sorts of talents and tricks for tips.

The next morning we woke up early and began our ten hour drive back home.  Throughout our trip we had journeyed through Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.  We saw (for the first time) large green trees, winding roads and lots of bayous and swamps–though we never fully determined the difference between the two.

All of this site seeing and you would think we fell in love with a new part of the world.  We did.  But what shocked me happened just north of Decatur, Texas.  Outside of that city we finally saw the little bit of heaven that we all are proud to call home.  The entire car seemed to exhale with comfort as we drove into the flatlands, full with only cattle and crop.  All at once it became apparent to us why people raved about how flat our land was.  It was true, you could really see for miles and miles.  Just a few states before and we couldn’t even find a rest stop because of all the trees covering it up!  One girl even pointed out that although the beach had beautiful sunrises and sunsets, they came nowhere near to the beauty of an Oklahoma sky.

All this to say, that maybe all it takes is a fresh perspective to appreciate the beauty around you.  Frederick will never have a beach, we won’t have a superdome or a bayou (well, maybe after all this rain), but what we do have is beautiful.  I suspect that the rest of the world will in time come to appreciate what we have to offer, just as they do beaches, resorts and exotic restaurants.  Our only mission now is to keep the spirit of Southwest Oklahoma alive by caring on the things we are already doing, only with an added sense of peace and excitement.  Keep making us proud, Frederick, Oklahoma!

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