A Salute to the Businesses

Running a business is hard work.  Those of you who have or have had your own business know just what I’m talking about.  The more I get to know our friendly business owners around town, the more I understand just how many hours they put into their careers.

As the public, we expect them to be open when we need something.  We demand they provide products for us and expect a bargain every time.  What the public doesn’t think about, is how much it costs to rent a building, provide electricity throughout the day, pay staff members and on top of that purchase product and equipment in advance with the hope that it will be paid for after a certain amount of time.

All of these things are factors of businesses, but especially small businesses within our community.  How many hours do you think Greg Henry puts in a week?  How about the owners of Tong’s, or Beth Kinder at Something Special?  I see these business men and women parked in front of their shops nearly 24/7 it seems.  The amount of work they put into each dollar earned is remarkable.

I think as customers of the businesses in Frederick we have to respect the behind the scenes work of the products we buy.  Perhaps shopping local does cost a few more bucks upfront, but you are supporting the friends and neighbors that make this community the wonderful town that it is.  After all, the amount of time and gas money spent on going out of town to shop really isn’t worth it if you aren’t getting the personal touch you would at home.  Also, who wants Frederick to shrink?  No one.  So your opportunity awaits you.  Be a blessing to the businesses in front of you.  These people work hard to serve our community and often times they are not thanked near enough.

Speaking of thanks, the Frederick Chamber would like to give a huge thank you to all of the businesses who were open on special hours last Sunday for our Oklahoma Freewheel and Abernathy Day Celebration.  Lots of out of town visitors were very pleased with our selection of services!  Keep it up, business people.  You are the foundation of our town.

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