Tourism in Frederick, Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I had the joy of going to the Oklahoma Governor’s Conference on Tourism.  The day was jam packed with informative sessions on how to improve our tourism in the state of Oklahoma.

Several keynote speakers and sessions were very helpful to attend but the most influential for my job (which is to help Frederick grow) was a breakout session titled, “7 Things Every Tourism Organization Should Be Doing on a Small Budget.”  Jennifer Kalkman was the speaker and she has worked with the Oklahoma Tourism Department for many years.  I loved that she was so empathetic towards one man crews and microscopic offices.  Most cities have chambers and Convention and Visitors Bureaus with several members on both staffs.

What Kalkman made clear was that success and professionalism were possible on a small staff and a tight budget.  She gave us lots of tricks on how to implement social media better and she also taught us how to better reach potential visitors to our town.

I left the conference with pages and pages of notes.  I heard some amazing ideas and I plan on implementing them soon.  Unfortunately when I came back to work I had to focus on Freewheel and so I am just now getting to dig my notes back out and think through some of these awesome ideas.

The good news is, after seeing how our community pulled together to welcome 500 biciclysts a few weeks ago, I am amazed at our hospitality and encouraged to bring in more visitors to our town.  Frederick is such a special little place.  I feel as though we are always welcoming visitors with open arms.  We love to brag about our Abernathy Boys, our museums, exhibits and culture.  Props to you all for being wonderful hosts, not just for Freewheel, but always and forever.  You are the fuel that keeps our tourism efforts going.

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