The Swimming Pool is Open in Frederick, OKlahoma

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by KSWO, speaking on the topic of the Frederick Public Pool.  Just to clarify, the chamber really has nothing to do with the opening of the pool, it is just that KSWO needed someone to sit in front of the camera and everyone else was busy so I volunteered.

The city workers have worked extremely hard to prepare the pool for this year’s use.  Filling cracks, setting chemicals and cleaning facilities is not easy work.  Betsy Simmons and Heather Brockriede have also worked very hard to hire and train this year’s staff of lifeguards.

I was a Frederick Municipal Pool lifeguard at one point in my life.  The summer after my junior year was spent working at the pool.  I loved every minute of it.  Betsy was in charge then, too and she was a very fair employer.  There were a handful of us on duty at all times, rotating chairs and shifts so everyone got to take a 30 minute or hour long break to be inside, out of the sun.  This is very important in the Oklahoma heat!

I met all sorts of fun people that summer.  The other lifeguards were of various ages, so I met several new friends.  I also got to enjoy a lot of time with kids from around the community that I probably would not have otherwise associated with.  These were sweet kids and a friend of mine pointed out the other day that those kids are now nearly adults!

I know the past three years have been tough; surviving an Oklahoma summer without water is surely torture.  We know the city kept the pool closed for our benefit—so we would have drinking water!  Fortunately, the Lord has blessed us with an abundance of spring rains this year and the pool will be reopened at last.  Many of the younger children may have not ever had the opportunity to swim in a large pool due to the past years of drought.  This will be the perfect opportunity for children of all ages to come together and cool off in one of the oldest ways we know how—by jumping into a pool!

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