Moving Back to Frederick

A young friend of mine is getting ready to finish his degree and move back to Frederick.  This wasn’t his first plan.  He’d rather be an Account Manager in Dallas or working somewhere overseas as a Marketing Consultant.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t fallen into his lap at this point in time. Therefore he will be joining the few, the scarce, the young and single of Frederick.
I too did not want to move back to Frederick immediately after finishing college.  There is a social stigma that moving back or staying here automatically qualifies you as “unmotivated” or “lazy.”  Since I have moved back I have found that this stereotype is extremely inaccurate.  I have made lots of friends with others my age who are very motivated, very hard working, and definitely going places with their lives.  In fact, most young people who live in Frederick fit that description.

So where does this false doctrine come from?  How to we extinguish it?  For starters I’d like to brag on all the young people moving back to Frederick.  I have had a plethora of classmates contact me lately saying they are in the process or looking forward to moving back to the small town in southwest Oklahoma that they call home.

These young professionals are exactly what our community needs to expand it’s horizons and opportunities.  These people have big ideas and even bigger goals.  Fortunately, I’ve sensed that they all love Frederick passionately or else they wouldn’t be moving back to the area.  This is great news!

There is nothing shameful about moving back to a town you love.  In fact, I think you’d find that young people who live here have a much different perspective on life than their urban counterparts.  Without the fancy shopping malls, nightclubs and 5-star restaurants to go to, Frederick helps your mind focus on what really matters.  Family, friends and simple living.  Cheers to the new generation of Frederick!

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