Summer Vacations

I think we could all agree that the best part of summer is summer vacation.  During the summer months things in Frederick really slow down.  On one hand it is nice because that gives people like me a chance to really work on some unique projects that aren’t totally event-related.

We kicked off the summer with the Freewheel and Abernathy Celebration on June 7th.  Since the end of that event I have grateful had six weeks to focus on chamber projects that aren’t tied to an event.  During this time I have had the pleasure of starting up a new and exciting thing.

With the help of a couple of others, we have worked together to create several opportunities that should bring Frederick’s tourism industry to a new level.  These are big, exciting, awesome strategies that most of you will never get to see because most of you reading this are locals and not tourists (and we’re okay with that!)  But there is a portion of us who sincerely believe that Frederick’s unique historical museum, awesome refurbished theatre and exciting ADT program are just a few of many awesome sites that could potentially bring vacationers to Frederick for the reason of pure enjoyment.

I promise we will reveal the works of this strategy soon.  But for now, I’m leaving you with lingering curiosity.

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