Los Banos at the Ramona Theatre

Los BanosI’ve heard it said that only eight percent of the US population is involved in military affairs.  That means ninety-two percent of us have little to no idea about what it’s like to be near war or combat.

We are lucky to be citizens of the United States where combat zones are not common.  The majority of our wars have taken place overseas and that has kept us happy and healthy.

But what about those who aren’t so fortunate to live far from battle zones?  What about those who have been right in the middle of war camps, nuclear bombs and other horrible things?

In 1945 there was a young girl who found herself in the unfortunate situation of being a Japanese Prison of War.  She was held there with her mother and brother for three horribly long years.  Fortunately at the end of three years an Airborne team partnered with other forces to rescue this young woman and the other prisoners at that camp.

Mrs. Croft-Stevens will be in Frederick, Oklahoma this Friday to tell us about her experience as footage of the rescue is played at the Ramona Theatre.

This story of rescue and hope will be followed by 1940’s style music and punch and cookies.  The event is free and open to the public and will precede WWII Airborne Demonstration Team’s Open Hangar Day event which will be on the next day, Saturday, July 25th.

Please come and pay respect to those who have lived stories far more dangerous than ours.  6:30pm, July 24th at the Ramona Theatre.