Thanks a Melon!

Last week the Chamber held their Annual Teacher’s Appreciation Luncheon at the Great Plains Technology Center.  We invited all of the school employees and educators in Frederick out for lunch.

The meal was prepared and served by a combined effort of the Chamber Board and the School Board.  These volunteers worked really hard to make a delicioius meal of hamburgers, baked beans, potato chips and a bowl of watermelon for dessert!

The meal went with this year’s decoration theme, “Thanks a Melon.”  Cindy Ade and Jill Biggs put in lots of hours in making sure the decorations looked as adorable as always.

After the meal we drew names for a combined total of $3,635 worth of prizes.  Most of these prizes came in the form of Chamber Bucks purchased by business sponsors, but $1000 was donated from Frederick Public Schools and $135 worth of gifts were donated by several different businesses.

To me, this event really shows what a community is all about.  Over forty-four sponsors pulled together to monetize the event while over 23 volunteers helped make this event happen.  All of this just to give one big huge thank you to a group of hard working individuals who don’t get told thank you enough for all of the hours spent working hard to make our school system the success that it is.

The Frederick Chamber of Commerce wants to send a big, “THANKS A MELON” to all of the volunteers, organizers and donators of this year’s Annual Teacher’s Luncheon.  A good time was had by all.

Bizarre Square

One of my favorite places of all time is the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, Texas.  In fact, I may have even mentioned it in this column before.  I love that place because it is about as bizarre as I have seen.  I mean, who thinks of putting multiple used cadillacs upside down in the middle of an empty field?  Most people would say it is a useless, crazy, silly idea.

But look how many people travel to Amarillo to look at it.  Crazy, huh?

I respect the man who designed that crazy bit of “art” or whatever you’d like to call it.  It’s something that makes Amarillo unique and that is just one of the many stunts Stanley Marsh III pulled while he was alive in the Amarillo area.
In many ways I see Star Square being our Cadillac Ranch.  I’ve heard a lot of people say it is silly and useless but I disagree.  The overall vision of Star Square is to get people off of the highway and into our downtown threshold.  Painting a star in the middle of an intersection is bizarre and crazy and yes, something that makes our town a little more unique.

While this is not a Chamber project, the Chamber has monetarily supported it as an effort to enhance our downtown area.  Pam Johnston has dreamed this up and she has done an excellent job of executing the grand plan so far.  I look forward to seeing what goodness this brings to our downtown area.  Maybe if we build it…they will come.

Summer’s Ending

Last week I mentioned all of the summer projects we’ve been working on at the Chamber office this summer.  As fun as it has been, I have to say that this is the first full week of August and you can definitely tell.

August seems to always carry some sort of authority.  A voice saying, “Straighten up, it’s time to get back to routine, back to school, back to full swing.”  I can feel it as everyone scrambles out of the last few days of summer and into the routines of Fall.

This next week will be our celebrated Teacher’s Luncheon.  This is a wonderful event put on for our educators in town.  With this event we give our teachers the “thank you” that they deserve.  Through monetary awards and a delicious meal, we hope to ensure to our local educators that they are appreciated within the community.

Just a few days after the banquet school will begin for the students in our community and the parents will be just as busy keeping up with school activities, homework and other extra-curriculars.

It’s always sad to see summer end, but Fall is an exciting time around here as well.  Frederick has a handful of annual events that take place each fall and we are always excited to get involved and cheer on the community with each of these happenings.

Soak up your last few days.  Fall is coming!