The Frederick Chamber is gearing up for its eighth annual Cotton Festival to be held on Saturday, November 7th.  This year’s event promises even more than last year’s.  There will be activities throughout the entire day which include the Chili Cook-Off, Cow Patty Bingo, Little Miss Cotton Boll Pageant, Cotton Gin Tours and much more!

In hopes to amp up the competition, the chamber is offering a $750 Grand Prize to the winner of the Chili Cook-Off.   Chili may be of any type and can be cooked on site or at home.  Second Place will take $350 and third place will take $250.   There will also be trophies awarded for “People’s Choice.”  Chili teams can stop by the Chamber office or register online at

Cotton Festival will also have non-food vendors selling all sorts of products and crafts.  If you are interested in being a non-food vendor please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 335-2126 or register online at

While visitors enjoy chili and browsing, there will be a LIVE Band from Fayetteville, Arkansas, entertaining as well.  The band, titled “Tyrannosaurus Chicken” is a deconstructed blues duo that has performed all over the Midwest region of the US.  T-Chicken (as their fans call them) is also currently the number 1 blues band on the ReverbNation charts for Fort Smith, Arkansas.

To stay clued in on all the Cotton Festival excitement, follow our Facebook Event Page or check out

October Line-Up for Frederick

I know you won’t be surprised when I say that October in Frederick is a busy month full of awesome activiites.  Nearly every weekend has something going on!

This weekend Hackberry Flat will start their Monarch Watch.  Starting this Saturday you can help biologists tag migrating butterflies at the Hackberry Flat Center!  The center will be full of Monarch-related activities from 8am to 8pm.  That’s a lot of fun to be had!

Next weekend provides even more entertainment.  First, the Tillman County Historical Society will introduce it’s newest event, “Pancakes at the Pioneer.”  Stop by the museum and help yourself to some delicious hot pancakes from 8am-2pm for only $6 or $3 for children under 10 years of age.  The menu includes pancakes, bacon, coffee and juice!

That evening the Arts and Humanities Council will be hosting the entertainment at The Ramona Theatre for only $12.  Killer Keyz, a dueling piano event will be held at 7pm.  The entire show will be made for audience requests so get your favorite song ready so you can hear it performed live on dueling pianos!

The fourth Saturday in October will be the date of our Annual Wagon Wheel Trail Run. Though the committee is doing things a bit differently this year, the race will still be a fun, family-oriented trail run at the beautiful Lake Frederick.  Stay tuned for details!

And finally, the last weekend this month, which shares the date of Halloween, will be filled with Okiefest 2015, brought to you by the Frederick Main Street organization.  There will be costume contests, games, food and much more!

So stick around Frederick this month, there will be plenty of excitement for everyone!

43rd Arts ‘N Action

The weather was odd but perfect this year for the 43rd Annual Arts ’N Action celebration in Frederick, Oklahoma.  Overcast with a cool breeze was not what I had expected but it kept me cool enough nevertheless.

My friend and I joined forces to tackle this amazing festival as a team.  First we parked downtown and walked east on Grand so we could check out the antique furniture in This ’N That.  We saw lots of neat items but soon found our hearts crying for literature.  A few steps back to the east and we were at the Annual Library Book Sale inside the Methodist Church Gymnasium.  Rows upon rows of books filled the space with excitement for the possibility of learning something new.  My friend and I quickly occupied ourselves with reading titles, picking up intriguing books and asking for more.  After a good while, we decided our hands could hold no more so we decided to call it quits.  I left with 6 wonderful books and paid a total of $2.50.  I was so thrilled with my purchase. My friend purchased even more books and was equally as excited.

After stopping by the car to safely put away our books, we walked across the street to the Courthouse lawn where we found lunch.  Hazpechas is the closest thing I can get to what I ate.  It was a delicious Puerto Rican dish with rice, beans and potatoes.  I also had a Pineapple Fanta in a can (amazing!!) and a cup of corn which was also a Puerto Rican dish.  Every bite was savory.

After eating we wondered through the art booths, finding lots of interesting articles.  I personally went straight to the local weldor who makes fabulous jewelry.  I had previously noticed a bracelet he advertised on his Instagram account and my heart was set on it.  Immediately I found the bracelet and a necklace to match it.  Without second thought I purchased both and I was elated.  The artist was proud that I was the owner of his special creations.  He assured me there would be no more like these because the peace sign was incredibly hard to make using those materials.

After much galloping about, my friend and I finally sat at the Chamber booth for a few moments where we quickly found ourselves engaged in conversation with old friends and the new T-shirt vendor who’s booth was next door.

Overall the event was wonderfully charming, full of creative juices and kind hearts.

Chamber Chatter

Everyone’s been asking me…what is the Chamber working on currently?  The best answer to that question would be: everything!  But to be more specific I will explain.

This week we have been working hard to update our phonebook file so we can get it ready for print.  We are still hoping to have the phone books by the end of this month or early October.  Don’t worry, we will let you know when they are available!

We’ve also been focusing on Cotton Festival lately.  This year’s festival will take place on November 7th so mark your calendars!  We’re hoping to have a lot of awesome new things this year.  I can’t spill the beans yet, but you might want to get that chili recipe out and start fine-tuning it now!  We’ll tell more about this next week.

The third project that’s been buzzing around the Chamber office has to do with this year’s Christmas parade theme and festivities!  We are super-duper excited to announce this year’s theme and parade route but seeing how it’s only September and most of you would like to at least make it through Halloween first, we’ll save those juicy details for later too.

So now you have three teasers and no real answers.  If you’d like to find out the rest of the story, I suggest you stay tuned in to what’s going on around town.  You don’t want to miss a thing this fall in Frederick!

Why You Should Go to the County Fair

The county fair is here!  The next three days will be filled with food, fun and free activities!  This year the fair will have more than ever before.  There will be live music on Thursday and Friday night and Saturday afternoon will feature a first-ever, “Little Mr. & Miss Tillman County Free Fair.”

What’s great about the fair is that it isn’t just for Frederick citizens, but for the whole county!  It’s nice to see folks from Chattanooga, Tipton, Grandfield and Davidson all in one place.

Rows of art, plants, livestock and craft items will fill the Tillman County Fairgrounds and outside there will be bounce houses, tractor driving contests and more.

So why would you spend your weekend at the fair?  I’ll give you three good reasons:

  1. It’s FREE! Why wouldn’t you enjoy free entertainment?  Sure, you need some cash to eat on, but other than that you can see and do lots of fun things without paying a dime.
  2. It’s LOCAL. Here’s another good reason to stay and play in town.  We really don’t need to go to Lawton to have fun when there’s a whole barn full of fun just down the street.
  3. It’s for YOU. A lot of good people have worked really hard to make this event special.  Volunteer hours, livestock efforts and months of planning have gone into this event so you can have a good time.  This event isn’t produced so people from Oklahoma City will come down (although we wouldn’t complain if they did) but this event is here so you and I can enjoy community and fellowship with one another inside our own county.

So get out to the fair!  Check out the exhibits, enter your own and congratulate the winners!  That’s what free county fun is all about.