Why You Should Go to the County Fair

The county fair is here!  The next three days will be filled with food, fun and free activities!  This year the fair will have more than ever before.  There will be live music on Thursday and Friday night and Saturday afternoon will feature a first-ever, “Little Mr. & Miss Tillman County Free Fair.”

What’s great about the fair is that it isn’t just for Frederick citizens, but for the whole county!  It’s nice to see folks from Chattanooga, Tipton, Grandfield and Davidson all in one place.

Rows of art, plants, livestock and craft items will fill the Tillman County Fairgrounds and outside there will be bounce houses, tractor driving contests and more.

So why would you spend your weekend at the fair?  I’ll give you three good reasons:

  1. It’s FREE! Why wouldn’t you enjoy free entertainment?  Sure, you need some cash to eat on, but other than that you can see and do lots of fun things without paying a dime.
  2. It’s LOCAL. Here’s another good reason to stay and play in town.  We really don’t need to go to Lawton to have fun when there’s a whole barn full of fun just down the street.
  3. It’s for YOU. A lot of good people have worked really hard to make this event special.  Volunteer hours, livestock efforts and months of planning have gone into this event so you can have a good time.  This event isn’t produced so people from Oklahoma City will come down (although we wouldn’t complain if they did) but this event is here so you and I can enjoy community and fellowship with one another inside our own county.

So get out to the fair!  Check out the exhibits, enter your own and congratulate the winners!  That’s what free county fun is all about.