43rd Arts ‘N Action

The weather was odd but perfect this year for the 43rd Annual Arts ’N Action celebration in Frederick, Oklahoma.  Overcast with a cool breeze was not what I had expected but it kept me cool enough nevertheless.

My friend and I joined forces to tackle this amazing festival as a team.  First we parked downtown and walked east on Grand so we could check out the antique furniture in This ’N That.  We saw lots of neat items but soon found our hearts crying for literature.  A few steps back to the east and we were at the Annual Library Book Sale inside the Methodist Church Gymnasium.  Rows upon rows of books filled the space with excitement for the possibility of learning something new.  My friend and I quickly occupied ourselves with reading titles, picking up intriguing books and asking for more.  After a good while, we decided our hands could hold no more so we decided to call it quits.  I left with 6 wonderful books and paid a total of $2.50.  I was so thrilled with my purchase. My friend purchased even more books and was equally as excited.

After stopping by the car to safely put away our books, we walked across the street to the Courthouse lawn where we found lunch.  Hazpechas is the closest thing I can get to what I ate.  It was a delicious Puerto Rican dish with rice, beans and potatoes.  I also had a Pineapple Fanta in a can (amazing!!) and a cup of corn which was also a Puerto Rican dish.  Every bite was savory.

After eating we wondered through the art booths, finding lots of interesting articles.  I personally went straight to the local weldor who makes fabulous jewelry.  I had previously noticed a bracelet he advertised on his Instagram account and my heart was set on it.  Immediately I found the bracelet and a necklace to match it.  Without second thought I purchased both and I was elated.  The artist was proud that I was the owner of his special creations.  He assured me there would be no more like these because the peace sign was incredibly hard to make using those materials.

After much galloping about, my friend and I finally sat at the Chamber booth for a few moments where we quickly found ourselves engaged in conversation with old friends and the new T-shirt vendor who’s booth was next door.

Overall the event was wonderfully charming, full of creative juices and kind hearts.