Why You Should Shop Local

It seems in today’s economy, everyone’s broke.  The state is cutting funding for virtually every entity they own.  The feds are cutting funding.  And businesses are having a hard time making ends meet.

So what can we do to help?  Start small.  Think locally.  Shop in town.  Where do you buy your toilet paper?  If it’s out of town you need to change that habit.

Where do you buy your gifts?  If you’re driving more than five miles you need to take a closer look at what’s around you.

You say you want to make Frederick a better place.  You say you want Frederick to grow.  But where are you buying your groceries?

It takes a whole bunch of each pulling our own weight if we want to see this town turn around.  The business on the corner can’t keep the doors open if you are spending your money elsewhere.  They also can’t support your child’s fundraiser if you aren’t supporting their business by purchasing goods and services from them.

I know it may appear like shopping out of town is “cool” or “hip”, but what’s cool about putting your neighbors out of business?  What’s cool about killing your hometown?

Think about it before you head to Lawton or Vernon or Altus.  Those are great cities, but are those businesses praying for you when you’re sick, taking care of your kids when you’re in a bind, or offering you a discount for your school function?  Frederick is a family.  Take care of family first.  Shop local!