Frederick’s 8th Annual Cotton Festival is sure to have an exciting twist this year as the reconstructed blues duo, Tyrannosaurus Chicken, finds its way from Northwest Arkansas to Southwest Oklahoma.  There, they will hit the stage on November 7th from 11am-1pm.

Tyrannosaurus Chicken is a duo unlike any other. With sheer talent and a flair for the unusual, they offer an auditory experience customized for each audience.   The two members, Rachel Ammons and Smilin’ Bob, play a multitude of different instruments throughout their performance.

Performing together now for 7 years, Tyrannosaurus Chicken has put together three albums so far (two studio and one live) with a fourth expected this spring. When they’re not performing for crowds ranging between 5 and 40,000, both can be found fixing instruments in their free time.

Cotton Festival goers can expect to get the morning going with a healthy dose of T-Chicken.  While the band offers more than enough entertainment in and of themselves, visitors can also vote on their favorite bowl of chili at the Chili Cook-Off, shop with a multitude of vendors, tour the local Cotton Gin or participate in Cow Patty Bingo.  After 1pm Tyrannosaurs Chicken will hand over the stage to the Little Miss Cotton and Maid of Cotton pageants—both are excellent treats!

To learn more about T-Chicken you can visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/T.chikn.  To learn more about Frederick’s Cotton Festival, please visit www.frederickokchamber.org/cotton_fest.html or call the Chamber office at 335-2126.

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