In last week’s article I wrote about Economic Development and how in today’s world the strategy for such is more about making desirable communities than it is business recruitment.

Creating a desirable community doesn’t happen overnight.  Well, unless your city government just happens to have millions of extra dollars laying around (no, ours doesn’t.)  So how do we go from a deserted downtown to a cool, hip community where hard-working, talented individuals want to live?

Since we don’t have multi-millionaires willing to donate, we will have to begin with what we have—and what we have starts with YOU!  I have three easy steps that anyone in our community can take to help make Frederick a more desirable place to live.

First, I recommend we all practice good stewardship.  Take care of the property you own, use or rent.  Whether it’s a business, a store front, an apartment or a house, you can start by keeping your surroundings clean and tidy.  Cut the grass, water the flowers and pick up the trash you see.  All of these tasks are small but collectively we can use them to make a big difference.

Secondly, I suggest you get involved if you aren’t already.  Frederick has dozens of community-minded organizations, churches, and groups.  Find one that fits your style and put your complaints and ideas to good use.  After all, two heads are better than one!

Finally, if you can’t meet the physical challenges of the first two steps, you can always donate monetarily.  For as little as five dollars a month you can contribute to some BIG changes in our community.  The Frederick 500 Club offers just that.  We draft five dollars out of your bank account each month and that money will go towards projects that YOU decide on.  The 500 Club is a group of citizens who invest their five dollars each month so they can help see Frederick receive flowers and plants, benches, trashcans, and much more!

So get out there and make it happen!  If you want more businesses you have to help us create an environment that attracts a great workforce.