Last Thursday Frederick had the privilege of hosting forty-eight tour guide leaders in a tour of our community.  The weather was a perfect 73 and sunny.  The volunteers were ready in their places and the menu was set.  The best part was, the bus full of tour guides had no idea where they were going.

Upon arrival I welcomed the group and asked them if they were wondering why they were in Frederick, Oklahoma.  They all agreed they thought it was odd and I told them if they gave us six hours of their time they might be surprised at what all we have to offer.

After three wonderful meals, five excellent attractions and a whole lot of Frederick hospitality, each member of the group assured me they would be back in Frederick soon and they would definitely bring tour groups with them.  They had loved every minute of their tour—the food, the cute stores, the exotic attractions, and the fascinating history

“You all do such a great job.  You really ought to teach other small towns how it’s done, because you all are a very active and unique community.”  Comments like these were common as each of our friends loaded back on the bus and headed back home.  These leaders were from all over the state, as far away as Stillwater, Lindsay and Edmond.

I say all this to remind our local readers of the treat they have in living in Frederick.  We often get caught up in the negative and forget about all the jewels around town.  If you haven’t been to the Ramona lately, make it a point to go to the Christmas Variety Show in December.  If you haven’t roamed through the exotic animals in the Crawford Collection, stop by there this Saturday.

In fact, there is a lot of opportunity for exploring Frederick this Saturday.  Not only will Cotton Festival be happening at the Courthouse, but there will also be Cotton Gin tours leaving from the festival as well as other activities.

Come join us this Saturday, not for our benefit, but for yours.