Wouldn’t it be nice if there was ONE calendar that encompassed all things Frederick?  What if you could go to one website and find out everything that’s going on around town?   Well guess what, you can!

The Chamber has a Community Calendar on our website.  In fact, we’ve had it for years.  Many event organizers around town use this tool to make sure there isn’t any overlapping of events if possible.  I know when I plan an event I check the Community Calendar as well as the School Calendar because as you know, it doesn’t work well when we split a small crowd into several smaller crowds.

I’ve noticed several events lately that had poor attendance due to an overscheduling of our community events.  What a great problem to have for a town our size!  I love that we are active and entertained!  I just hate to see crowds split between multiple events.

Another reason to check the Community Calendar is to make sure that YOUR events are on there!  If you have an event you are planning, whether you are a Chamber member or not, you can notify the Chamber and we will reserve your spot on the calendar!  That way those looking at visiting Frederick, attending events or even planning events can be sure they are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.

So here’s just a friendly reminder if you’re busy with events: check the Community Calendar first!  www.frederickokchamber.org/community_calendar.html.