Wow, what a great Christmas Parade! We had over 45 entries this year, including floats, vehicles and walking units.  We also had a great crowd lining the streets to see all the entries!  Thanks to Linda Haston and the Chamber Christmas Committee for all their hard work.


Parade Floats 1st Place: ______Frederick Arts Council______

Floats 2nd Place: _____Xi Alpha Chi________________

3rd Place Float:_______CR Tire Services_________


Thanks to everyone who had an entry in the parade, it made for a great one! Right after the parade was the Frederick Chamber Christmas Chamber Buck Giveaway. Congratulations to all of our Chamber Buck winners and thank you for shopping Frederick first.  Those winners were:


Grand Prize ($500): ______Lou Roberts__________

$250:___Suzie Morrison___ and _____Melissa Walton_____.


1._____Amber Garza___

2.____George Guerra___

3. ___Julane Whitworth_

4. _Lacey Oxford_____


1.____Georgia Jackson____

2.____Sherri Jacobs______

3.___Angie Rodriguez_____

4.____Marky Morton____


A big thanks to our Christmas Giveaway Sponsors this year: Frederick Furniture, United Supermarkets, All About M.E. Medi-Spa, Box, Inc., Frederick Ace Hardware, TillCo Supply, Dad’s Convenience Store, Lewis Pharmacy, Frederick Pharmacy, Red River Veterinary Services, KC’s Gift Shop, Pioneer Telephone, Hop ‘N Sack #5 and CR Tire Services, LLC.   Also, thanks to everyone who shops Frederick First!





Last week Frederick had the honor of hosting a couple from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  They had made arrangements to tour the Abernathy Boys exhibit and statue.  John and Nancy had studied the Abernathy Boys and knew quite a bit about the boys.  Their connection to the Abernathy Boys came through their volunteer hours at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan which is near their home.


Nancy explained that the Gilmore museum started out as a hobby for a retired man and turned into 90 acres of different types of cars: Cadillac, Ford, etc.  One of the sections of this huge museum contains Brush Automobiles, the same car that Bud and Temple Abernathy drove home from New York City.  Because John’s volunteer duties included teaching young students about the science of cars in hopes that they would become interested in science, he had studied the Abernathy Boys as another way to entice the students.  His research, of course, led him to learn about Frederick and the museum we have available, thus, on their way to California for Christmas, they stopped by “as the highlight of their trip” to see the Abernathy Boys exhibit and statue.


After chatting with Nancy extensively about her family history and mine and how America has melted into a very accepting country of many nationalities, John announced he was ready to see the exhibit inside the Big Red Barn.  Once inside, we pushed the button and I listened with John and Nancy to the story of the Abernathy Boy’s most famous trip: the one to New York.  We heard about them meeting the Wright Brothers, driving a train, seeing one of the first automobiles and sitting in Mr. Rockefeller’s pew for Sunday service.  It was amazing they said, to think of all the things these boys did before they were even ten years old.  In fact, Marthea said the boys did more before age ten than most of us do in a lifetime.


I told Nancy of the Chamber’s tagline: “Where the Adventure Begins” and how the saying refers to the Abernathy Boys.  She then told me that she and John had been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii and how they were planning a trip along Highway 2 to do so.  She also talked about their trips to Europe.


After a while we simply stared at the map while John took dozens of photos.  The longer I stared at the map and all of the routes the Boys took, and the more I thought about their adventures and how so many interesting people began their adventure in Frederick, Oklahoma.  It really is a great place to begin.


Frederick will hold its annual Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 17th at 5:15 p.m.  Parade line-up will begin at 4:30p.m. at 16th and Grand.  The parade route will be the same as it was last year; starting at the Civic Center and heading west on Grand reaching the railroad tracks.

The Chamber Bucks drawing will be held immediately afterwards.  Those hoping to win can either listen in front of the radio station or inside a participating business.  This year’s business sponsors are:

KC’s Gift Shop
Frederick Ace Hardware
Frederick Furniture & Appliance
Red River Veterinary
Pioneer Telephone
Box, Inc.
Dad’s Convenience Store
All About M.E. Medi-Spa
TillCo Supply (NAPA)
Lewis Pharmacy
Frederick Pharmacy
Hop ‘N Sack #5

United Supermarkets
CR Tire Services, LLC
The Frederick Ag Boosters will be selling chili from 4-7pm on that evening as well.  Come downtown and enjoy a great night in Frederick with friends and family!


For more information call Linda Haston, Parade Chair, 580-335-7474 or the Frederick Chamber of Commerce at 580-335-2126.


Around this time last week I received a very thoughtful email from Barry Statham.  You might recognize his name because he’s my neighbor in this newspaper section.  Barry does great short story articles.  In his email to me Barry said he enjoyed the spirit of my articles and that to him the message I translate is always: “Let’s bring Barry’s Frederick back.”


Barry’s Frederick was that of the 1940’s and 50’s, back when Grand Street was packed with businesses, cars and people out shopping and walking the streets.  My only recollection of this era is through the historical pictures I’ve seen in the office.  Frederick really was grand back in those times.  I wish I would have had the joy of seeing it.


You see, Barry has an advantage over my generation in many ways.  Today and tomorrow’s leaders don’t have a mental image of reference like Barry and many others do.  We can’t think back to what worked several decades ago and recreate it.  We can’t fathom Frederick’s full potential because we weren’t there to see it.


What our young leaders can benefit from is vision.  We essentially have a blank canvas to work with.  Frederick is all future and dreams for us.  What do we want to see our town do?  How would we like to see Frederick look in ten years?  While it is important that we gain wisdom from generations before us, it is equally important that we dream big dreams and set goals for our community to reach as we move forward into a new generation of Bombers and a new era of society.


As much as I would love to bring back Barry’s Frederick, I know it is impossible.  The people and the cars and the businesses have all changed.  Fortunately, the underlying “Spirit” of Barry’s Frederick is what remains.  The spirit of Frederick and its people is the constant that has withstood many generations and it is that ongoing attitude to thrive that will catapult us into the new Frederick.  That my friends, is what Barry’s Frederick is all about.