Around this time last week I received a very thoughtful email from Barry Statham.  You might recognize his name because he’s my neighbor in this newspaper section.  Barry does great short story articles.  In his email to me Barry said he enjoyed the spirit of my articles and that to him the message I translate is always: “Let’s bring Barry’s Frederick back.”


Barry’s Frederick was that of the 1940’s and 50’s, back when Grand Street was packed with businesses, cars and people out shopping and walking the streets.  My only recollection of this era is through the historical pictures I’ve seen in the office.  Frederick really was grand back in those times.  I wish I would have had the joy of seeing it.


You see, Barry has an advantage over my generation in many ways.  Today and tomorrow’s leaders don’t have a mental image of reference like Barry and many others do.  We can’t think back to what worked several decades ago and recreate it.  We can’t fathom Frederick’s full potential because we weren’t there to see it.


What our young leaders can benefit from is vision.  We essentially have a blank canvas to work with.  Frederick is all future and dreams for us.  What do we want to see our town do?  How would we like to see Frederick look in ten years?  While it is important that we gain wisdom from generations before us, it is equally important that we dream big dreams and set goals for our community to reach as we move forward into a new generation of Bombers and a new era of society.


As much as I would love to bring back Barry’s Frederick, I know it is impossible.  The people and the cars and the businesses have all changed.  Fortunately, the underlying “Spirit” of Barry’s Frederick is what remains.  The spirit of Frederick and its people is the constant that has withstood many generations and it is that ongoing attitude to thrive that will catapult us into the new Frederick.  That my friends, is what Barry’s Frederick is all about.