The punches just keep coming…

If you have paid any attention whatsoever to the news lately you’ll agree that it seems like rural Oklahoma just keeps getting punched in the mouth. Things like school finance, medicaid payments, hospitals closing and the brilliant decision made by the Department of Corrections involving work release centers in our part of the state are frustrating to say the least.
That frustration can often turn into hopelessness which might lead some to want to throw their hands up and say “we’re done”. The only reason I want you throwing your hands up is because you enjoy a good roller coaster or you’re a Cameo fan. Giving up is not something we are not particularly good at around here. I know things are tough and it appears the deck is stacked against us but we are tough and resilient. We have the blood of courageous pioneers in our veins and we don’t walk away from something with out giving our everything. 
What is that “everything” we need to give? Well there is a list, let me tell you about some of it.
As simple as this first things seems, be kind. We live in a great community that cares deeply for one another, we lend a hand when someone is down, we chip in when there is a need… we are kind. The moment we turn on one another and stop being kind is the moment this ship sinks. Period.

Be heard. I think that we all have the impression that because we are small we don’t matter in the larger scheme of things. But I can tell you first hand, that’s just not the truth. Earlier in the year when school finance and potential rule changes kind of hit the fan, our local school system called on you for help. Our administrators asked for you to be heard. To write letters, send emails or make calls to our Legislators telling them we have had enough and there are things we won’t stand for. You did such a good job one of them called our Superintendent and asked him to “call your people off, we know, we get it”. That is the sign of people who will be heard and make a difference. That is just one example, we have made ourselves heard many times lately and it’s working.
Be local. That not only means Shop Frederick First but also Attend Frederick First. All the events that are hosted in town should be full each and every time with Frederick residents eager to support one another. That means going to things other than what your kids or grand-kids bind you to, those things that enrich our culture or inform us. These things must be attended by our local population. We cannot sit by and hope others come to town to support us. Being local also means that the more we spend in our own town, the more we get. We get a larger selection at stores, we get things repaired around town and we get farther away from dependency on others for our survival.
 These are three seemingly simple things but but they are the basis for so many more things. I ask you, actually beg you, to focus on these things and make a conscious decision to be kind, be heard and be local.