If it’s not one hat it’s the other

I witnessed something pretty cool today, something a lot of folks around here may not think twice about because we see it so often. Something that major chain stores spend millions advertising (or bragging) about but we just think of it as “business as usual” around Frederick.
I watched a young man run out the door of his job #2 and head to job #1 to gear up and go fight a fire. You read that right, the employer of his secondary job hired him knowing full well that there would be days he’s on stand by and may need to leave in a rush to the scene of a fire. I found that to be a pretty amazing thing.
We have businesses all over Frederick and Tillman County actually, that hire our firemen, policemen, sheriff’s deputies, etc. to work during their off duty time. Around here it’s called hiring good employees. Business owners know they are dependable and think well on their feet. It’s an opportunity to help these brave men and woman supplement their income or fill their off duty time. These employers don’t ask for commercials, tax cuts or anything like that. They do it because it’s the smart thing to do.
The more I thought about it the more I realized that most of our citizens work double duty around here. Granted, not all of us have adventurous, life saving jobs like our first responders but we still wear many hats each day. That extra effort and commitment to Frederick and our families is one of the great things about this community. We aren’t afraid of a little extra work. We work our 9-5’ers and then go volunteer somewhere, sit on a board of something or have a second job. Then there are those that take on all of the above!
I had someone come in the office yesterday and tell me that he has to tape the name of each business he has to the phone so he can remember how to answer it! I get that and I bet you do to.
Do you remember last time when I told you to Be Kind Be Heard Be Local? Well everything I’ve just said is another reason for me to keep chanting that mantra. When you run into one of these hard working Frederick citizens that has to pause when answering the phone to say the right business, Be Kind and don’t chastise. They may have just worked all night of one job and waking up to take care of you somewhere else. When a man that I know full well just worked all day farming stops on the road to help me dig a kids bouncy ball out of the drainage ditch, Be Heard and tell him thank you for being the kind of guy that makes our town wonderful. When you are choosing where to shop, Be Local and think about all of our businesses who employ our local people; your friends and family who have jobs because we continue to Shop Frederick First.
If you are like my kid you just rolled your eyes at me because I have now repeated something twice that I want you to really listen to. I can take it. But just so you know… your eyes will get tired of rolling long before I quit chanting Be Kind, Be Local, Be Heard!