Slow time. What slow time?

I had several people tell me when I started this job that late spring/summer is a nice time to start it, not much going on. They said I’d have time to tackle some projects that there wasn’t time for in the winter months. Well here it is in the third week of June and I’m still waiting for that “slow time” to start!

There are so many activities and opportunities popping up in Frederick, OK. And as I have said on the radio show many times, if you are bored then it’s your own fault. I truly believe that if you can’t find something to do then you must be sitting at home with the lights off and your ears plugged. We’ve got concerts, bible schools, classes, Trade Day, great days to hang out at Lake Frederick, golfing or a swim at the local pool available. Not to mention the opportunities to volunteer with the local food bank, summer feeding program or any one of the vital organizations our community has. There’s just a lot going on and I couldn’t be happier.

This alleged slow time is something I want no part of. A slow time means that we are failing to offer someone in our community the chance to get involved or have a good time. A slow time means we are providing our kids (or adults) with a chance to get in trouble. A slow time means that the businesses in our community aren’t making as much money which directly affects sales tax income to our community. Personally, I like to see that sales tax money collected and used in our town…drive up to North 14th street and you’ll see what I mean.

A slow time in Frederick means as neighbors we aren’t getting the chance to visit with one another and that my friends, will just not do. I sometimes look just as forward to the people I will get to talk to as I do an event itself around here. There are particular places I know that I’ll see certain folks and that’s my time to catch up. For instance, the local bloodmobile is my chance to catch up with Billie Cope, a trip to the Ramona Theatre means that Carol Hefner and I get to gab about what’s going on around town or breading oysters at the Oyster Fry means watching Wendy Howard and Gary Tyler vie for “Most Useful Breader”. Every event attended is a chance to know your neighbors here in Frederick and knowing your neighbors is one of the greatest benefits to our small town. I challenge you this week to attend an event, volunteer with an organization or just take a moment to walk down the street and reap the benefits of living in Frederick.

And don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.