Friendly Chamber PSA’s

I just want to use this moment to put a couple of friendly PSA’s out there to the residents of Frederick. It’s hot, humid and getting to the dog days of summer already. One of the bright spots in that scenario is that usually this isn’t the season folks get sick or have to deal with “bugs” running their course through the school system. This is a very good thing.

But as there is a ying to every yang, there is a down side to that as well. When we don’t get sick we don’t go see the doctor. This is a particularly slow time of year for most doctors’ offices. If you’ll remember we are going through some transitional times at Memorial Hospital & Physician Group (MHPG) here in Frederick and they need our support more than ever. I know it’s all been a little confusing as to what is actually closed, etc. But be assured, we still have a top notch facility going on Josephine Street in Frederick.

We have a fully staffed clinic, radiology, laboratory, physical therapy, nursing home and home health in full swing. We are lucky. There are communities all over Oklahoma and even the nation that can’t say that anymore. Rural healthcare is in trouble. There are things that are out of our control happening but the one thing that isn’t, our ability to support our local facility.

As I mentioned, there are some who are confused as to what all is taking place at MHPG. Curious? Go out there and take a look. Heck, go out there and take a walk around and visit because you won’t be alone. Many of the familiar, competent faces you’ve always known are still there. Your friends and neighbors will be there utilizing the facility and I hope you will to.

My second PSA is in regards to the Pioneer Townsite Museum. I don’t know if you’ve read or seen any of the articles lately that deal with the Oklahoma Historical Society but they are in the same financial crunch the rest of the state. Unfortunately that means that they have cut funding to our local facility. This is not good news. The Pioneer Townsite Museum is a major draw for tourism in our community as well as a good resource to us locals.

Again, this becomes an issue of Frederick supporting Frederick. By attending functions and maybe dropping a donation in the bucket or writing a check for a larger donation because you value cultural in Frederick, you can be of help. I (and many others) have been saying this for a while but it has become glaringly true as of late… we must learn to support ourselves.

If we can begin to keep our funds in Frederick, donate to each other and attend each other’s functions then we can begin to become less dependent on those forces around us that maybe don’t see Frederick as a priority.  If we make Frederick our priority then we have a chance in this game!

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.