500 Club Beauty

If you haven’t been through town and noticed the flowers, vines and fall décor then please, drive down Main Street to admire it all. At the intersection of Main Street and Grand Ave. are wooden planters filled with flowers, potato vine and other colorful vegetation; now there are hay bales, pumpkins and gourds to celebrate the season. There is also some fall décor on the NE corner of the Courthouse and I’m sure this is all just the beginning as many other businesses begin to put out decorations for fall and/or Halloween.

One of the ways many of these decorations and improvements to downtown happen is through the 500 Club of the Chamber and its supporters. Remember all those painted windows downtown last Christmas? 500 Club. The up lighting in the tree planters throughout the year… 500 Club. Those paint grants for buildings a few years back…. 500 Club. Those are just a few of the improvements funded through the 500 Club and its donors and there are more to come.

So let me tell you about the 500 Club. The 500 Club committee’s purpose is to fund projects that promote or enhance Frederick. Citizens of Frederick are welcome to join the 500 Club by donating $5.00 a month to the 500 Club fund, or by giving $60 annually. Some of our donors have $5 automatically withdrawn from the checking or savings at the beginning of the month while others write a check once a year for $60. Why is it call the 500 Club you’re thinking? 500 pennies is $5 hence the monthly withdrawal option, someone was really creative!

We currently have 39 people and businesses signed up as well as a couple of generous donors throughout the year. I’d like to take a moment to thank them all, because of their generous donations we can have these helpful and fun things to spruce up Frederick. Thanks to: Jim & Kindra Ard, Brad & Kerry Benson, Randy & Jill Biggs, Mark & Judy Bobo, Box, Inc. David & Jerri Boyd, Tony & Karen Caldwell, Cacy Caldwell, Tommy & Brenda Challacombe, Bob & Ann Collins, Bill & Carol Crawford, Ben Crawford, Valarie Frederickson, Dana Greer, Danny & Linda Haston, Delores Haynie, Carol Hefner, Greg & Wendy Howard, Jackson Funeral Home, J. Frank & Kerri Jacobs, Andy & Jeana James, Robert & Lana Johnston, Sue Ann Kauffman, Joe Ed & JoAnn Kinder, Marty & Sandi Martin, Pat & Nancy McAlister, Jeff & Dana Patterson, Willie Perkins, Glenn & Kay Redeker, Homer Ryan, Van der Laan Dairy, Watha Shanks, Gary & Julie Tyler, Robert Waldrop, Don & Ruby Walker, Ray & Virginia Walker, Rodger Wirt, Eddie & Julane Whitworth and Joe Wynn.

Is this something you’d like to be a part of? If so, please give me a call (580-335-2126) or send an email (frederickcc@pldi.net) and I’ll get the information to you. This is a small way to make a big impact in our community. Maybe you are a former Frederick resident looking for a way to give back then we’d love to have you!

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director

A season of change

September and October are always a time of change no matter who or where you are. This year we’ve had our normal changes in weather, seasons, sports and allergy issues, however these past few months we’ve seen our fair share of changes outside the normal. We’ve had a couple of businesses change owners, change locations or open.

I’ve noticed some folks have taken these changes in stride, some have not and some are just pretending it’s not happening. (The pretending it’s not happening crowd mostly applies to the mothers of senior boys and girls!) Hopefully most of us fall into the taking it in stride crowd. Change is scary but it can be an opportunity for learning and growth if you let it be.

For instance, we’ve had a change in eye care in Frederick. While on one hand it is sad to see our Dr. Smart and family leave, the other side of that is the new adventure their lives get to take as well as the new optometrists we get the opportunity to know. There are now two young men in Frederick to serve our eye care needs. How lucky are we?

Another instance is in the pharmacy world. Keith Lewis gets to have regular working hours and perhaps spend a lot more time with his family while at the same time we get to know a new pharmacist in our community- that’s two full service pharmacies in Frederick. Again, I consider us very lucky.

Most of us work very hard at staying “glass is half full” type people, it’s not always easy but the alternative tends to make us grouchy. To my knowledge there’s only one grouch we all love and adore and I’m pretty sure Oscar doesn’t live in Frederick. So join me in seeing the opportunities in change. The opportunity to meet three new people in the healthcare world of Frederick, the opportunity to visit new restaurants and try new menus, the opportunity to shop Frederick and support the many owners who depend on us to keep the door unlocked as well as the wages paid to their employees.

We don’t have to be scared of what is different in our community, just willing to look at it with open minds and a willingness to try to learn from that difference. I said it before and I said it again, change is hard and it doesn’t care whether we like it or not so we might as well take it in stride with a good attitude.

There is one change I know we can agree on that I mentioned above and that’s a change in these pesky allergies! It seems like the town is full of folks with the sniffles, sneezes and watery eyes. Let’s all hang in there, hope this change in weather helps us out and remember to use our local healthcare providers both new and old.

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director

Arts ‘N Action & Homecoming? Oh my!

I hope you slept good this week and got all rested up from the Tillman County Free Fair because we have more fun things to do in Frederick! Yes, we are in our second consecutive week of activities for everyone.

This week has been Spirit Week at the local schools leading up to Homecoming Friday night. But before we play football we must have a Homecoming parade. The parade is set for 1 pm on Friday in downtown Frederick. If you are not in the parade please make sure you come down and cheer on those who are. Parades are always so much more fun when the crowd is as excited as the entries. The parade will begin around 8th & Grand Ave. and end up at the Bomber Hangar for the Pep Rally. Everyone is welcomed to attend and help cheer on our kiddos.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to our kids in the Frederick Public Schools celebrating we will have the Frederick All Class Reunion going on. This means if you graduated from Frederick High School then you are invited. There will be a meet and greet at the Frederick Golf & Country Club Friday after the game. On Saturday folks can gather in the Blue Room of the Grand Hotel to visit between Arts ‘N Action and all the places to see in Frederick. A brisket dinner will be held at the Country Club starting at 6, cost is $15 at the door. Afterward the Toby Sheffield band will play, cost is $5. The Country Club will also be holding a golf tournament Saturday so give them a call at 335-2911 if you are interested.

Now let’s talk Arts ‘N Action. I just received the press release from the Frederick Arts & Humanities Council listing all of the art vendors, food vendors and entertainment, let me just say I am more excited than I already was. There are 29 artists, 8 food booths, entertainment from 10 am to 2 pm and a kid zone. It’s going to be a great day in Frederick Oklahoma and I sincerely hope you get out and enjoy it.

The Pioneer Townsite will be open as well as the Crawford Collection on Saturday as well as many of our restaurants and shops. Weekends such as this are a great help to our local economy and business owners so please make sure you Shop Frederick and encourage those you know from out of town to come down and do the same.

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director

It’s Free Fair time!

I talked in depth a week or so ago on the Chamber Radio Show “Let’s Talk Frederick” about the Tillman County Free Fair. So just in case you weren’t tuned in on that Tuesday or Thursday at 9 am, I’ll recap.

The Tillman County Free Fair starts today and runs through Saturday, September 9. There is a huge variety of activities for all ages as well as food and vendor booths to see. Starting on Thursday there will be the Farmhand Olympics in the morning, then in the afternoon the Fair board asks that all entries be submitted by 6 pm which is also the time the kid’s events start. There will be an ice cream contest and sunflower seed spitting contest following by the Little Mr. & Miss Tillman County Free Fair. If you’d like more information about the Little M & M contact Dawn Mefford at 335-1656.

Friday starts off with livestock/dairy and inside entry judging. There will also be a magician and Trick Roper Marty Tipton alternating through the morning for everyone to enjoy. That evening is the pie contest, talent show, diaper derby & stick horse races, frog/turtle races, best dressed pet and bucket calf competition. There is three age divisions, no entry fee and prizes will be awarded for the Talent Show. Contact the Extension office at 335-2515 or Dawn Mefford at 335-1656 if you’d like to enter.

Saturday wraps up all the animal judging then tearing down of booths.

I urge you to participate and enjoy as many events as possible during these three days. There is an army of people who put this thing together working very hard so that you and I can enjoy it all. I’d like to recognize just a few of them. These folks are on the Fair Board and who work in the OSU Extension office. They volunteer and work far beyond their paychecks throughout the year. District #1 is Teddy White, Lori Waugh and Bryant Ferris; District #2 is Jay Oxford, Jimmy Gaither and Bridget Heap; District #3 is Levi Krasser, Paula Crossland and Doyle Whittington; serving as our Extension Educator is Aaron Henson and Senior Secretary is Erika Martinez. In addition to these fine folks, there are superintendents of the various categories as well as volunteers who clean and set up. Be sure to grab a Fair Book or look at their Facebook page to get a list of them. I can guarantee you that these folks don’t get near the recognition or pay they deserve!

If you have any questions about rules and regulations give the Extension office a call or again, pick up a Fair Book. The Fair Book has a ton of information about each category, the rules for entry as well as the superintendents in charge. It also contains the ads of many local businesses and individuals who support the Fair with not only time but money. You can look up the Tillman County Free Fair on Facebook and find all the information I’ve mentioned plus some.

Thanks again to all those who put on one of my favorites things in Tillman County and I hope to see you at the Fair!

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director