500 Club Beauty

If you haven’t been through town and noticed the flowers, vines and fall décor then please, drive down Main Street to admire it all. At the intersection of Main Street and Grand Ave. are wooden planters filled with flowers, potato vine and other colorful vegetation; now there are hay bales, pumpkins and gourds to celebrate the season. There is also some fall décor on the NE corner of the Courthouse and I’m sure this is all just the beginning as many other businesses begin to put out decorations for fall and/or Halloween.

One of the ways many of these decorations and improvements to downtown happen is through the 500 Club of the Chamber and its supporters. Remember all those painted windows downtown last Christmas? 500 Club. The up lighting in the tree planters throughout the year… 500 Club. Those paint grants for buildings a few years back…. 500 Club. Those are just a few of the improvements funded through the 500 Club and its donors and there are more to come.

So let me tell you about the 500 Club. The 500 Club committee’s purpose is to fund projects that promote or enhance Frederick. Citizens of Frederick are welcome to join the 500 Club by donating $5.00 a month to the 500 Club fund, or by giving $60 annually. Some of our donors have $5 automatically withdrawn from the checking or savings at the beginning of the month while others write a check once a year for $60. Why is it call the 500 Club you’re thinking? 500 pennies is $5 hence the monthly withdrawal option, someone was really creative!

We currently have 39 people and businesses signed up as well as a couple of generous donors throughout the year. I’d like to take a moment to thank them all, because of their generous donations we can have these helpful and fun things to spruce up Frederick. Thanks to: Jim & Kindra Ard, Brad & Kerry Benson, Randy & Jill Biggs, Mark & Judy Bobo, Box, Inc. David & Jerri Boyd, Tony & Karen Caldwell, Cacy Caldwell, Tommy & Brenda Challacombe, Bob & Ann Collins, Bill & Carol Crawford, Ben Crawford, Valarie Frederickson, Dana Greer, Danny & Linda Haston, Delores Haynie, Carol Hefner, Greg & Wendy Howard, Jackson Funeral Home, J. Frank & Kerri Jacobs, Andy & Jeana James, Robert & Lana Johnston, Sue Ann Kauffman, Joe Ed & JoAnn Kinder, Marty & Sandi Martin, Pat & Nancy McAlister, Jeff & Dana Patterson, Willie Perkins, Glenn & Kay Redeker, Homer Ryan, Van der Laan Dairy, Watha Shanks, Gary & Julie Tyler, Robert Waldrop, Don & Ruby Walker, Ray & Virginia Walker, Rodger Wirt, Eddie & Julane Whitworth and Joe Wynn.

Is this something you’d like to be a part of? If so, please give me a call (580-335-2126) or send an email (frederickcc@pldi.net) and I’ll get the information to you. This is a small way to make a big impact in our community. Maybe you are a former Frederick resident looking for a way to give back then we’d love to have you!

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director