A season of change

September and October are always a time of change no matter who or where you are. This year we’ve had our normal changes in weather, seasons, sports and allergy issues, however these past few months we’ve seen our fair share of changes outside the normal. We’ve had a couple of businesses change owners, change locations or open.

I’ve noticed some folks have taken these changes in stride, some have not and some are just pretending it’s not happening. (The pretending it’s not happening crowd mostly applies to the mothers of senior boys and girls!) Hopefully most of us fall into the taking it in stride crowd. Change is scary but it can be an opportunity for learning and growth if you let it be.

For instance, we’ve had a change in eye care in Frederick. While on one hand it is sad to see our Dr. Smart and family leave, the other side of that is the new adventure their lives get to take as well as the new optometrists we get the opportunity to know. There are now two young men in Frederick to serve our eye care needs. How lucky are we?

Another instance is in the pharmacy world. Keith Lewis gets to have regular working hours and perhaps spend a lot more time with his family while at the same time we get to know a new pharmacist in our community- that’s two full service pharmacies in Frederick. Again, I consider us very lucky.

Most of us work very hard at staying “glass is half full” type people, it’s not always easy but the alternative tends to make us grouchy. To my knowledge there’s only one grouch we all love and adore and I’m pretty sure Oscar doesn’t live in Frederick. So join me in seeing the opportunities in change. The opportunity to meet three new people in the healthcare world of Frederick, the opportunity to visit new restaurants and try new menus, the opportunity to shop Frederick and support the many owners who depend on us to keep the door unlocked as well as the wages paid to their employees.

We don’t have to be scared of what is different in our community, just willing to look at it with open minds and a willingness to try to learn from that difference. I said it before and I said it again, change is hard and it doesn’t care whether we like it or not so we might as well take it in stride with a good attitude.

There is one change I know we can agree on that I mentioned above and that’s a change in these pesky allergies! It seems like the town is full of folks with the sniffles, sneezes and watery eyes. Let’s all hang in there, hope this change in weather helps us out and remember to use our local healthcare providers both new and old.

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director