It’s Free Fair time!

I talked in depth a week or so ago on the Chamber Radio Show “Let’s Talk Frederick” about the Tillman County Free Fair. So just in case you weren’t tuned in on that Tuesday or Thursday at 9 am, I’ll recap.

The Tillman County Free Fair starts today and runs through Saturday, September 9. There is a huge variety of activities for all ages as well as food and vendor booths to see. Starting on Thursday there will be the Farmhand Olympics in the morning, then in the afternoon the Fair board asks that all entries be submitted by 6 pm which is also the time the kid’s events start. There will be an ice cream contest and sunflower seed spitting contest following by the Little Mr. & Miss Tillman County Free Fair. If you’d like more information about the Little M & M contact Dawn Mefford at 335-1656.

Friday starts off with livestock/dairy and inside entry judging. There will also be a magician and Trick Roper Marty Tipton alternating through the morning for everyone to enjoy. That evening is the pie contest, talent show, diaper derby & stick horse races, frog/turtle races, best dressed pet and bucket calf competition. There is three age divisions, no entry fee and prizes will be awarded for the Talent Show. Contact the Extension office at 335-2515 or Dawn Mefford at 335-1656 if you’d like to enter.

Saturday wraps up all the animal judging then tearing down of booths.

I urge you to participate and enjoy as many events as possible during these three days. There is an army of people who put this thing together working very hard so that you and I can enjoy it all. I’d like to recognize just a few of them. These folks are on the Fair Board and who work in the OSU Extension office. They volunteer and work far beyond their paychecks throughout the year. District #1 is Teddy White, Lori Waugh and Bryant Ferris; District #2 is Jay Oxford, Jimmy Gaither and Bridget Heap; District #3 is Levi Krasser, Paula Crossland and Doyle Whittington; serving as our Extension Educator is Aaron Henson and Senior Secretary is Erika Martinez. In addition to these fine folks, there are superintendents of the various categories as well as volunteers who clean and set up. Be sure to grab a Fair Book or look at their Facebook page to get a list of them. I can guarantee you that these folks don’t get near the recognition or pay they deserve!

If you have any questions about rules and regulations give the Extension office a call or again, pick up a Fair Book. The Fair Book has a ton of information about each category, the rules for entry as well as the superintendents in charge. It also contains the ads of many local businesses and individuals who support the Fair with not only time but money. You can look up the Tillman County Free Fair on Facebook and find all the information I’ve mentioned plus some.

Thanks again to all those who put on one of my favorites things in Tillman County and I hope to see you at the Fair!

Don’t forget: Be Kind. Be Heard. Be Local.

Felisha Crawford, Executive Director